New categories to make the forums more organized

Hello guys, for this forum to be a lot cleaner and easier to find topics we should definitely categorize certain parts of the forums.

Below is an example of the yearn.governance forums:

I would love to see these categories:

  • General
    • Announcements from the Team
    • Docs
    • FAQs
  • Chat
    • Ideas
    • Technical discussions
  • Ongoing Projects
    • Flight Insurance
    • GIF

What do you guys think of this idea and do you have any other groups/categories you would love to see added?

Hi @CryptTano, thanks for your proposal, we will consider this well - it seems very reasonable.
Have you seen the existing category layout? Should we keep or modify those or just add some more?

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Hey Christoph, thanks for the changes! If I come up with additional ideas I’ll be sure to let you know :wink:

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