$DIP Token The DIP Token is an integral part of our decentralized insurance platform. We need some strong economic principles to ensure the proper working of all participants and their cooperative, mutually supportive behaviour. Therefore, we have designed the protocol tokens to bind participants to the platform and to assure the quality of the provided services. We are effectively implementing what is known as “Staking”, focusing on the specifics of the risk transfer. Oracles Parametric insurance built on top of decentralized infrastructure is one of the most exciting frontiers of innovation in the insurance industry. Not only does this insurance model foster new product designs and increase market participation, but it redefines underlying trust dynamics between insurance providers and policyholders. This is based on the availability of reliable oracles for pricing insurance policies and for triggering claims. In this category we want to discuss all oracle related stuff. Staking In the GIF Framework, we implement staking as fundamental pattern to incentivize engagement of platform participants, be it oracle provides, liquidity providers or risk pool keepers. Here we discuss possible models, economic consequences and parameters.
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