How much DIP are paid out as a reward and should the reward for early providers be higher? What should the curve look like?

From blog post:

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Reward should definitely be higher for initial providers and taper off over time. You could even do this for separate products as they launch (flight delay being first of course). This will put DIP in the hands of the people who believe in the project most while it is launching. Curve wise? Maybe look to other crypto projects who have distributed tokens on a curve to see the length and time. You don’t want liquidity to leave the pool after DIP rewards stop though, so maybe you get a bonus after 1 year of continuous support.

Another model that keeps long term interest is like what Synthetix did. You got extra rewards that will be released 1 year after initial contribution. This rewards the early contributors and gives them further incentive to stake longer for extra rewards that they receive a year later. What this also does is gives Etherisc time to grow in the meantime. Many people that got unlocked SNX rewards didn’t sell them a year later after seeing what the protocol had accomplished all year. It’s a good team and DIP investor synergy that gets created.


I dont think the rewards should be higher in the beginning, its an odd incentive that might result in capital and hence the Maximum Exposure decreasing over time. To prevent that, rewards should be stable.
In order to have enough liquidity in the beginning etherisc could just bootstrap the Network by staking themselfes.

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