Addressing the FUD

Hi all,
As you may all be aware, there’s been quite a bit of FUD of late around this project. This is somewhat expected as a project status to become more and more visible. While most of the times addressing these issues is not worth the time for the team (better to keep working on the project itself).
This time however, the FUD is targeting the team itself (saying half of the them don’t work on the project, that the others don’t even show the project on their LinkedIn, etc)
I believe it would be quite welcome by the community and reassuring to the broader public to get a message from the team, a video or whatever, to nip the FUD in the bud.
Also a bit more activity on the social media front communicating developments and ideas would show that there’s an active team engaged with the community.

Just some thoughts,
Keep it up legends

+1 on the Social Media point. Would like to see some more activitiy on Twitter around updates, changes to the roadmap etc and general engagement from the team. Can’t wait to see how this project changes the world!

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in my experience flying since 1970, about 90% of flights are delayed.
what is my loss, only some time. with a mobile phone, time can still
be productive. flight delay insurance is unnecessary. Whats even more unnecessary
is making a cash outlay that does nothing to save the time thats lost.
this is a totally ridiculous idea. hand you money? Even the website has zero information on
costs and benefits BEFORE asking for my wallet. thats BS.

jamesD - If you don’t think delayed flight insurance is worth paying for, then don’t buy it. I however take the opposing view. Delayed flights aren’t just about losing time, what about needing to buy food whilst waiting, perhaps needing a hotel for the night? Perhaps losing out on work or business because you can’t attend a meeting or sales pitch.

I once had a “Gold” annual travel insurance policy which didn’t payout when a flight of mine was cancelled due to cabin crew falling ill. I’d paid my premium in full up front and when I actually needed the insurance I was told it wasn’t covered in my policy. I contacted the airline and was told that wellness of staff was out of their control & if I wanted any sort of compensation I was welcome to take them to court.

Conventional insurance is a rip off. It’s expensive and if you want to make a claim you have to jump through all the hoops that they decide you need to jump through.

I would be happy to pay for flight/cancellation insurance if it meant that I was instantly paid out as soon as my flight was delayed or cancelled.

Looking forward to Etherisc transforming an industry rife with unfairness and inequalities.


Circling back to this post, I’m really pleased to see the social media activity from the Etherisc twitter account, it’s great to see the updates and tweets coming regularly. Congrats on the Bancor listing too.

Thanks guys and keep up the good work!